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Laugh out loud at this performance in Santa Monica

You probably knew that the Plaza Hotel in New York City was luxurious, but did you know it was also the setting for a stage performance in Santa Monica? That's right. Until February 10, the Morgan-Wixson Theatre at 2627 Pico Boulevard will be hosting "Plaza Suite."

This hilarious show is about the ups and downs of three couples who are staying in the massive suite at the same time. The first couple is from suburbia, U.S.A, and is staying there while their home is being remodeled. The wife is desperately hoping that her husband will show his romantic side as they celebrate their anniversary, but as the night proceeds, it's obvious the chances of that happening are quite slim. The next character is a Hollywood producer who has been divorced three times and is looking to rekindle romance with his childhood sweetheart, who is now a married suburban housewife. Although she has worshipped him for years, it becomes very clear why their romance ended. The last couple is comprised of two parents who constantly argue about how to get their child out of the bathroom she is hiding in and convince her to go back downstairs to the hotel's ballroom, where her wedding is taking place without her.

The talented cast includes Alicia Craff, Karol Garrison, Howard Lockie, Andrea Stradling and Neil Simon's writing is so good that it's probably unlike anything that you've ever seen. Performances are held Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets range in price from $18 to $20 and can be bought by logging onto If you have any more questions, such as how to get there from your Santa Monica vacation rental, feel free to call the theatre at (310) 828-7519.

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