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Buy yourself jewelry made of precious gems when you visit this Venice boutique

One of the many great things about staying in a Venice Beach rental is your proximity to local businesses. Whether you want to purchase a coffee table book to give to friends from Small World Books or a beautiful vintage dress from Gotta Have It, this city is filled with amazing shopping opportunities. If you love going from store to store and want to get to know this oceanside paradise better, then stop by Made in Earth.

This jewelry store, which is located at 1506 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, specializes in gorgeous gemstones and offers patrons a wide selection of these rare stones that can be made into everything from rings to earrings. The store was founded by Bunny Bedi, who has remained the head designer and creative director over the past 13 years. Since opening its doors, Bedi’s shop has continued to be regarded as a top-notch sterling silver and gemstone jewelry boutique.

Bedi has formed relationships with mine owners and gem dealers from around the world. He’s purchased gems from exotic countries like Brazil and even Madagascar. Regardless of where these treasures come from, they are sure to be extremely high-quality.

When you step into Made in Earth, you’ll find impressive designs and employees who are ready to answer any questions you have. The team members will even work with you to create the perfect piece for you or that special somebody.

If you think that this store is just for women, think again. Made in Earth has a men’s selection ranging from rings to pendants. You can find almost whatever it is that you are looking for when you shop at this very reasonably priced and unique shop.

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