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Ado Venice serves top-notch Italian cuisine.

Italy is known for its world-class food and that is why it is easy to see why Venice, California, residents and tourists get excited when a restaurant that serves this type of cuisine opens. Ado Venice, which is located 796 Main Street, is one eatery in the area that gets everyone’s juices pumping. Not only is Ado known for its welcoming atmosphere, but patrons also rave about dishes like homemade ravioli filled with beef tenderloin.

“I tried to bring to America the Italian rules, like following the grandmother, the family recipes,” Ado chef Antonio Mure said in a statement on the restaurant’s website.

His love of Italian food and cooking are evident in the way that Mure and owner Paolo Cesaro prepare the dishes. Everything is made with love. Ado, which used to be a house, doesn’t seat very many people, and you can rest assured that virtually any time you walk by the place, all the chairs and tables are filled. If you are lucky to get a reservation here, you may want to consider starting off with the Prosciutto e Burrata.

As a main course, pasta lovers will be in heaven as they dine on Spaghetti alla Chitarra con Melazane Fritte, Pesto e Ricotta Salata, a dish made with spaghetti, fried Japanese eggplant, pesto and rich and creamy ricotta cheese. Pescatarians ?shouldn’t leave without ordering the grilled sea bass with braised onions, mint and fresh tomatoes.

If Ado Venice is completely booked for dinner, then consider visiting Caso Ado which is also owned by Cesaro. This is the perfect hangout spot where you can enjoy everything from a delicious and rich glass of Chianti to pan-roasted filet mignon.

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