Get a dose of vital nutrients in the form of a refreshing beverage at Venice’s Moon Juice

The new year is here and for many men and women, this time symbolizes a fresh beginning. If you’ve made a resolution and really want to make an effort to stick to it, you’ll be happy to know that one pledge you make to yourself doesn’t have to be difficult if you get a little help from one Venice, California, business. Typically, people have a hard time changing their eating habits, but you can be more healthy when you stop by Moon Juice.

This 100 percent organic, nut, fruit and milk shop is situated at 507 Rose Avenue. The enthusiasm the team members at this neighborhood joint have for all things nutritious and delicious is unparalleled.

Are you wondering what makes Moon Juice beverages so good for you? The secret is that the veggies and fruits are hydraulically pressed. This process doesn’t heat the ingredients so everything in your beverage still retains all the vital nutrients. In fact, one bottle of refreshing Moon Juice has more than three pounds of raw, fresh as-can-be produce! Don’t leave without trying mouth-watering combinations like the Cantaloupe Nectarine, a blend designed to help fight anxiety.

Venice residents and tourists who are looking to boost their calcium intake will be happy to know that the customized milks at Moon Juice are not only refreshing, but also packed with vitamins to help your bones stay strong. Every Moon Milk, like Vanilla Fig and Mint Chip, starts out with raw almond milk that is then mixed with nut butters, spices and a touch of sweetness. Patrons also have the option of creating their own blend.

You can also order shots of various juices, like ginger and aloe vera. These are perfect for people who need a quick boost of nutrients. Whichever Moon Juice or Moon Milk you select, you are sure to leave satisfied and feeling refreshed.

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