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Frequent these areas in Los Angeles when you take your kid trick-or-treating tonight

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the holidays that kids look forward to most all year round. Who doesn’t love getting dressed up as their favorite superhero or princess, walking around the neighborhood and coming back with a big bag of mouth-watering candy?

If you’ve been spending time in Los Angeles, are new to the area and have been asked by your child as to where both of you are going trick-or-treating, you probably have scratched your head. In the event that you’re unfamiliar about what are safe spots to walk around at night in the City of Angels, you’re in luck.

The list below details family-friendly spots that are all treat and no trick:

1) Los Angeles (Between Sweetzer and Drexel Avenue)
Here, you’ll probably find lots of families on their way to Halloween house parties before setting off for trick-or-treating with the youngsters. Homes are usually decked out in spooky but playful decorations like pumpkins, fake cobwebs and skeletons.

2) Beverly Hills (Between Santa Monica and Sunset Boulevard)
Who says that you as the parent can’t enjoy yourself while you’re out with your lovebug. There are tons of kids out and about in Beverly Hills, and those who frequent the area say that your son or daughter will get some of the best candy offered by anyone.

3) Venice Canals (Between Dell and South Venice Boulevard)
One of the great things about gathering sweets in this area is that there is no traffic. The four blocks that encompass this locale are home to gorgeous properties, and the owners are typically seen on the front lawn putting on ghoulish and entertaining shows for all those that walk by.

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