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After a long week at work, visit Venice Beach’s The Canal Club for happy hour

Few things are more rewarding than putting in a hard day of work at your job. Although it can be exhausting, just knowing that you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do is very satisfying. Even though there are many ways to kick back and relax after hours at the office, one of the most popular is going to happy hour.

Among the best places to grab a drink with friends and coworkers is The Canal Club. Located in the heart of downtown Venice Beach, this establishment has any and everything necessary to start your weekend off right. But, if you work weekends, that’s no problem as this business hosts happy hour seven days a week starting at 5 p.m.

Every day, The Canal Club promotes a different half-priced appetizer. For example, sliders are $2.50 on Monday and so are turkey tacos on Tuesday. When it comes to beverages, draughts are also 50 percent off on Monday as are the margaritas on Tuesday.

If you’re looking for a unique cocktail, consider ordering the Venice Volcano. It’s meant to be shared between two people and is served in a large colorful bowl with a flaming volcano of 151 rum in the middle.

Whether you choose the mini burgers or a mojito, one thing’s for certain and that’s that you will enjoy yourself at The Canal Club.

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