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Need a kid-friendly activity when you’re in L.A.? Then visit the Zimmer’s Children’s Museum

Traveling with kids isn’t always easy. Whether you have a little one who won’t stop crying or a toddler who’s cranky, something that is supposed to be fun like a vacation can become very unpleasant for the whole family if your children aren’t enjoying themselves.

Luckily, Los Angeles is the perfect place to take your lovebugs. While you’re there, you should definitely make it point to visit Zimmer’s Children Museum. Located at 6505 Wilshire Boulevard, this is one place where hyperactive tots can let out some energy.

Toddlers and young children alike will have the opportunity to explore their creative side through all the interactive learning features of the museum. If you think your infant is too young to enjoy all that Zimmer has to offer, think again. There is a toddler-designated area that was built to give your bundle of joy a safe place to roll around and even learn to walk.

Older children can take advantage of various spaces of the museum, including the Rhythms of the World, Discovery Airport and Construction Zone sections. They can learn about everything including music from different countries, how airplanes are flown and how buildings are constructed.

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