Southern California restaurant profile: Michael’s Santa Monica

One of the best parts about living in a city or a popular metropolitan area is the nearly countless number of great places to dine. While there are always new, innovative restaurants popping up all over the map, there are some spots that anyone visiting the area has to see or they’ve really missed out.

In Santa Monica, one of these must-try venues is Michael’s. With a beautiful patio surrounded by a lush garden, this high-class eatery is one of the finest dining options in the oceanside city. On the restaurant review website, Michael’s has been recommended by 93 percent of critics. Considering that the figure is based on nearly 800 reviews, it’s safe to say that Michael’s is the real deal. It’s almost unanimous high praise has led to its ranking as the 29th top restaurant in California on the site.

Michael’s Santa Monica was one of the first restaurants to offer farm-to-table food when it opened in 1979. The Huffington Post, which just last week revealed Michael’s as one of the 13 restaurants that changed Los Angeles forever, pointed out that a number of famous chefs, such as Nancy Silverton and Mark Peel, got their big break by working here.

Michael McCarty, who opened his restaurant when he was just 25 years old, has certainly prioritized keeping his dishes contemporary, but his award-winning wine menu is full of old classics from all over the world.

While Michael’s became so popular that McCarty opened up a second in New York in the late 80s, it’s one among many fine dining institutions in Los Angeles county. Good food and the finest vintages in the world are the norm in Santa Monica, so why vacation anywhere else?

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