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If you’re in Santa Monica, don’t miss these three exhibits at the TAG Gallery

In previous posts, we’ve touched upon all the great museums that cities like Los Angeles have to offer visitors and residents. There is something for art lover in the great state of California. But, for some reason, Santa Monica may not come to mind when we think of places we can go to see an interesting exhibit. However, residents of this beachfront paradise know better.

The TAG Gallery is perhaps one of the most striking presentations of art in all of the Golden State. It’s located at 2525 Michigan Avenue and is home to everything from Impressionism to three-dimensional modern paintings.

Until September 29, visitors will have the opportunity to see three unique exhibits that are all equally awe-inspiring: Carol Kleinman’s “Reflecting Reality,” Gary Polonsky’s “New Work in the Food Series” and Darlyn Susan Lee’s “Re: Fashion.”

Each artist has something different to offer. Kleinmann uses her camera to represent the various layers of reality she discovers on reflective surfaces such as mirrors and windows. Polonsky paints sweets that have been American favorites for decades such as animal crackers and M&M’s. And, Yee’s exhibit takes a look at fashion, and challenges notions of the traditional family and gender.

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