Art enthusiasts shouldn’t miss visiting the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art

If you are visiting Los Angeles, California, one of the many attractions that should be taken advantage of is the many museums. Although each is certainly worth visiting, there is one that is a step above the rest: the Museum of Contemporary Art, also known as MOCA.

Interestingly enough, this impressive structure is divided into three facilities: MOCA Grand Avenue, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA and the MOCA Pacific Design Center. Before it was constructed in 1979, L.A. was lacking in museums that were devoted to contemporary art alone.

As such, a few individuals came together with the help of artist, curators and collectors and decided to change this. This devoted group worked with the mayor and began constructing the three buildings. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Today, art enthusiasts can browse one of the many exhibits. Currently, MOCA is displaying the MOCA Permanent Collection Masterworks, which includes pieces from the museum’s permanent collection. There’s also Amanda Ross-Ho: Teeny, Tiny Woman which is a cutting-edge installation that includes large paintings, textiles, photos and fabricated objects. And finally, the Panza Collection, which houses paintings inspired by post-war America and Europe.

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