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Get top-notch views of Venice Beach at High Rooftop Lounge

Few people would argue that there is anything more spectacular than a sunset. And although there are many places around the United States where we can catch picturesque views of this nightly event, Venice Beach, California, is one step above the rest.

If you’re visiting this city, one place to go to witness the sky turn from robin’s egg blue to a beautiful combination of purple, red and yellow is High Rooftop Lounge. Built on top of the Erwin Hotel at 1697 Pacific Avenue, this is one place that any Southern California visitor should stop by.

Take advantage of the extensive drink menu that includes exotic concoctions such as the blood orange julep, which is made using four roses yellow label bourbon, solerno blood orange liquor, mint and angostura orange bitters. If you want something a bit more traditional, select something to sip on from the wine, beer or champagne list.

Munch of small plates like scrumptious yellowfin tuna tartare with tangerine, sugar snap peas and yellow watermelon or jerk steak skewers with habanero creme fraiche.

Whatever you choose to enjoy, you’ll be taken aback by how beautiful the sky looks as it sets over the ocean. Here, you’ll be welcomed with open arms all time time, every time.

After a night at High, return to a beautiful Venice Beach vacation rental. The properties offered by Signature Vacation Homes are fully furnished, comfortable and luxurious. Whether you want to stay a week or six months, we promise that renting from us will help you make the most of your trip.

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