Beach bods, young and old, on display at 2012 Muscle Beach Championship

While Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, more than 100 gym junkies oiled up and showed off their bods for the annual Muscle Beach Championship in Venice Beach, California, yesterday.

Chiseled muscles aren’t foreign to Venice Beach throughout the year, cold or warm, as it’s not at all uncommon to see a handful of toned men and women pumping iron in the Santa Monica Pier area. Every Labor Day, however, the fittest of the fit bring their defined six-packs and bulbous biceps to the aptly named Muscle Beach to compete.

As the Pasadena Star-News reports, this competition isn’t just for young fitness buffs though. Northridge-native Richard Luckey was sporting a speedo and flexing his muscles along with the rest of the bodybuilders, but at 84 years old, he garnered quite a bit of extra attention.

Since his wife died a couple years ago, Luckey took on working on his figure and has lost 50 pounds doing so, according to the source. He said that he felt like he was making a fool of himself by participating in the Muscle Beach Championship, but understood that his competition was just simply far younger than him. Regardless, his daughter told the publication that she was very proud of how far her dad has come.

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